Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My new logo is Complete!!

I won this thanks to a facebook contest from Boutique by design
located here

She made this beautiful logo exactly how I was hoping it would be. Girlie, Whimsical, fancy and fun!
She will be making this blog soon as well and I cannot wait to see it !

~*Created by Mom, Inspired by Daughters*~

Much Love

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting my blog designed!

I was lucky enough to win a free logo design a few weeks ago! I just received proofs which were AMAZING! I knew after I seen it and her other work that I need her to design this blog for me! So hopefully I can pay for it and get it all in motion ! Until then I think this looks pretty darn cute!

I never posted links to my store today so here it is!

Etsy is

and my facebook (Cheaper prices and comment games and deals pretty often! )
that is here

Thanks to my new followers for joining me as well! I will have coupon codes for my Etsy store, deals and give-a-ways as time goes on!

*Created by Mom, Inspired by Daughters*

-Much love-
Tiffany Jewel

Welcome to Whimsical Willows Couture

Welcome ! I am Tiffany. Owner/designer of Whimsical Willows Couture! My clothing is made for little girls! From simple and sweet to ruffles and girlishness ! I like to add a few fun things into the mix from time to time. From baby blankets, children toy Mei Tais, capes and hair clips! Whatever my heart desires to make , I will make :)

I was formally with Cookie Crumbs Couture, You may have heard of us or seen our adorable clothing lines on Etsy, facebook or even Fox 2 News Detroit! We all had different wants from a boutique so we have each opened our own!

I have been creating outfits more and more these days with a little touch of my own so that I can offer a little more then the average boutique. I will always have something new or something unexpected to keep you interested and keep me learning !

I use my little girl as my model, and  while I try to keep my photos as nice as I can I'm not a professional and that clearly shows ! Especially in a cold and snowy Michigan where I don't have the luxury of beaches and flowers :)

So thank you for joining me! I will be updating my blog as often as I feel the desire which should be fairly often ! I sell on facebook and Etsy !

Here are a few of the items I have up for sale! Thank you so much for joining me! This will not be only a business page but also a creative outlet and a way to share my creations with the world to help inspire others to learn something new !

~*Created by Mom, Inspired by Daughters*~