Meet Your Designer

Hi! I am Tiffany, designer and creator here at Whimsical Willows Couture! A Few years ago I had a little girl and wanted to learn how to make her clothing unlike what I found in stores. Something extra girlie, Victorian at times, or casual yet pretty. I started sewing and the more I made the more I had to make. I would browse fabric stores for hours trying to find that perfect color, print or scheme to fit my little girls personality!

I started out making baby blankets for friends. Then moved onto cloth diapers and random children items until I felt confident in my quality and desire to open my own store and here it is! I make a lot of different items for my children, that's where my love and motivation comes from and my desire! I have many other hobbies, reading, bow making, digital scrapbooking, and attachment parenting !

I Love what I do, and that's why I do it! I take my time to make sure my items are top quality! I perfect each design first for my little girl before I sell to the public :)

All seams are professionally finished and top stitched for the best wash and wear!

Thanks for joining me!

*Created by mom, Inspired by daughters*